Sunday, September 13, 2009

#99 The Body of Wisdom, part 4 - The Principle of Economy of Motion

We are continuing our series of podcasts dedicated to the exploration of the body, the somatic disciplines and the underlying principles. Today, we are exploring the second generalized principle called “Economy of Motion”.


  • Economy of Motion
    • The Path of Least Resistance
    • Following your impulse – as opposed to stopping yourself with negative thinking
    • Goal setting in NLP – planning direct path to it
    • Dance – and everyday situations – economy of motion shows in elegance
  • Applications of the economy of motion
    • Allows you to live longer
    • Communicating in relationships – almost a sixth sense
    • Organizations – producing what’s absolutely necessary, without the extra bells and whistles
    • Learning – making as many mistakes as fast as I can. “Least resistance” doesn’t mean “the easiest” – sometimes it’s actually hard.
  • Exercises
    • Stand still
    • Move from your center
    • Doing the most with the least

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