Sunday, September 6, 2009

#98 The Body of Wisdom, part 3 - The Principle Of Stable Center &Process of Centering

We are continuing our series of podcasts dedicated to the exploration of the body, the somatic disciplines and the underlying principles. Today, we are exploring the first generalized principle that we call “The Center”, or “Centering”.


  • What is Center
    • The point around which I organize my body, my balance
    • Center of gravity
    • The Vertical centerline (in ritual, paratheatre) – “asocial”
    • Horizontal centerline (in dance) – “social”
    • Leverage for the power (e.g. lifting somebody in dance, or throwing an opponent in martial arts)
    • Point of balance
    • Center and gravity in relationship – “marriage to gravity”
  • Applications of Center
    • Center in relationships – fluid center, shifting from one partner to the other depending on the context
    • Center in personal growth and rituals – connection to gravity, being grounded
    • Center in organizations – core competency
    • Size of the Center – what’s encompassed in the center
  • Exercises for the Center
    • Discovering your center – straight walk heel-to-toe (enhance – close your eyes)
    • Shift your center into different parts of your body

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