Sunday, September 20, 2009

#100 The Body of Wisdom, part 5 - The Principle Of Flow - Saying Yes toWhat Is

We are continuing our series of podcasts dedicated to the exploration of the body, the somatic disciplines and the underlying principles. Today, we are exploring the third generalized principle that we like to call “Saying Yes to What Is”. It is also known as “Flow”.


  • Saying Yes to what is
    • Two levels of response – immediate and deeper
    • Flow
    • Utilization
    • Accepting unexpected invitations in the dance (like an accidental bump)
    • In relationship – a child shows up, what do you do?
  • Exercises for “saying yes”
    • Becoming aware of anything that touches your body (wall, another person) – stay with it
    • Join a tumbling class, or Aikido, or Tai Chi, or any discipline based in flow
    • When you’re bored, commit to being bored 100% and stay with it.

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