Sunday, February 28, 2010

#120 Positive Deviants 03 - Nature & Nurture, part 2

We are continuing our series of conversations on Positive Deviance (the first episode is podcast #118). In today’s episode we cover the following topics:

  • Shaping Environment
  • Nature & Nurture Together
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Recommendations
  • Closing Thoughts

Sunday, February 21, 2010

#119 Positive Deviants 02 - Nature & Nurture, part 1

We are continuing our series of conversations on Positive Deviance (the first episode is podcast #118). In today’s episode we cover the following topics:

  • Nature & Nurture
  • How Deviants Come To Be
  • Nature
  • Nurture

Sunday, February 14, 2010

#118 Positive Deviants 01 - Introduction

We are starting a new series of conversations in our attempt to bring several streams of thought aimed in the same direction. This direction is the notion of Positive Deviance. A Positive Deviant, also known as an Outsider, or an Outlier, is a person who in one way or another is above the norm. In the course of the series, we will explore many different definitions, views and angles on positive deviancy, whan makes deviants and how to recognize them, what it takes to be a deviant, the effects of deviants on others, how deviants come about, and how and what we can learn from them.

Today’s episode touches upon the following topics:

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Definition of a deviant
  • Mutants
  • Today’s deviants are tomorrow’s norm
  • Deviants are feared
  • Dangers of being a deviant
  • Is it a choice?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodbyes are never easy, and yet they do come as both ends and new beginnings

Goodbyes are never easy

These past few months have not been easy, as we have had to say goodbye to two good friends and teachers. Both of them enriched our lives with the magic of mythology and brought alive the Heroic Quest that would have otherwise been much more a theoritical and academic exercise. Words fail to do justice for what magical worlds these wonderful teachers, mentors and friends opened for us.

We are profoundly grateful for having had Paul Rebillot and Richard Roberts in our lives. And with sadness we mourn both their deaths, but with joy remember their lives, their contribution and their generous spirit with which they shared their learnings, not just with the founders of RCG but with the world at large

Both of them opened up their voices and hearts to RCG and made the only recordings they have available to the world at large. Their wisdom and generous spirit has touched thousands of lives worldwide and will be both missed and deeply treasured.

Richards & Paul has been for a long time battling their health issues and now are rejoined with the great spirit. They leave behind an array of students whose lives have been touched, transformed and enriched due to their presence.

We have had the unique honor and privilege to have been participants of the last workshop Paul did, and soon after he took ill. We will remember and treasure the wit, wisdom and above all the kind heart of this wonderful friend and teacher and the evenings we spent enthralled by his stories and learning his structures. He also introduced us to Gabrielle Roth and the work of 5 Rhythms which has had a significant impact on our lives. We will continue to bring some more of his recordings to the world at large through RCG and hope that his voice will find fertile ground where the saplings of new heroic quests emerge. This way his contribution will continue to live..

Richards gave us his time, his private recordings and many an insights into topics as diverse and esoteric as ESP, Seth material, Tarot, the Egyptian mythos, magick besides the magical encounters with Joesph Campbell. He brought Campbell to life, and made him even more a part of our lives. For this he will also have our profound gratitude.

As we lay our friends and teachers to rest, we realize that its never easy to say goodbye, and it leaves a kind of void that is hard to fill. And yet these goodbyes are also hello’s to a new world for both the departed and those still here. We wish that the journeys that Paul and Richards are now on finds happiness, peace and above all love.

And as once Paul told us “the caterpillar must become the butterfly” we will look to continue our quests in the becoming… and with love and fondness remember the enchantment both created for us, and hope to pass it on to the next generation.

Thank you Paul, thank you Richard – You both made this a richer world.

with love and gratitude


Sunday, February 7, 2010

#117 The Earth as a Sacred Text - Conversations with Ismana, part 5

We are concluding our series of conversations with Ismana Carney – a Jung-based Earth-centered shamanic therapist. In these talks, Ismana explores with us some basic and very important questions through the eyes of a person deeply connected to Nature, Jungian psychology and shamanic traditions.

From the website of Terra Lucida Institute: Ismana Carney’s work is grounded in Carl Jung’s approach to dream work, archetypal, and Nature psychology, and cultivating the soul via Earth-centered rituals and therapeutic shamanic practices. Ismana teaches college and university courses in comparative world religions with a special emphasis on the mystical traditions. For the past two decades Ismana has also been involved both professionally and personally with Native indigenous tribal communities and their cultural and spiritual traditions. Ismana is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on Native American cultural and spiritual life.

In today’s episode:

  • Living in a relation with nature
    • Everything is alive
  • Men’s and Women’s paths
  • Maturity
    • What is a Mature Woman? Man?