Sunday, August 17, 2008

#47 The Alchemy of Voice series 02: The Embodied Voice, part 2

We are continuing our conversation with Maniko – an accomplished musician and signer, personal voice coach, workshop facilitator, and a really wonderful person.

She has extensive professional and experiential training in expressive arts therapies, emotional release and integration, meditative disciplines as well as dance, movement and resonance awareness as vehicles for bridging the worlds of spiritual development, personal integration and authentic self-expression.

Maniko’s websites: and

This episode includes the following topics:

  • Voice and Culture
  • How one can explore this?
    • Just let your voice soar
    • Contextualized vs. everyday practice
  • Range – knowing what’s available for me
    • Expand and relax back, gradually.
    • Physical movement, tonal movement, language movement, and silence – these are all our faculties
  • Speaking and singing voice – make your talk sing
  • Waking up the dead – voice in corporate world
  • Tuning in to the heart of the listener
  • Speaking to difficult audiences
  • Tuning in – taking it across contexts
  • Life as music – how do we sing it?
    • When something turns you on – stop and listen, pay attention
  • Thank you!

Maniko’s songs used in this episode:

  • And Now
  • Just like this

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