Sunday, August 10, 2008

#46 The Alchemy of Voice series 01: The Embodied Voice, part 1

Today, we are introducing you to Maniko Dru Dadigan – an accomplished musician and signer, personal voice coach, workshop facilitator, and a really wonderful person.

She has extensive professional and experiential training in expressive arts therapies, emotional release and integration, meditative disciplines as well as dance, movement and resonance awareness as vehicles for bridging the worlds of spiritual development, personal integration and authentic self-expression.

Maniko’s websites: and

This episode includes the following topics:

  • Singing voice – connecting to heart
  • Terror of your own magnificence
  • Building a “soul muscle”
    • Dance, singing and silence
    • Working from within – with person’s own material
  • Standing up for what is true
  • Listening to others
  • Finding your own path – knowing your calling
  • Leaving your legacy
  • Maniko’s approach
    • You are already a miracle
    • Start with the body & breath
    • Get the voice moving – no content, just resonant richness
    • When things happen – write it down (so many songs came out from that)
    • State of loving awareness
    • Whole person integration
    • It stops being a problem – it becomes a fuel for creativity
    • Honoring what is
    • Release to your genuine self-expression
    • Purely experiential
  • Resonant voice gives birth to the myth and mysticism

Maniko’s songs used in this episode:

  • Nature of Things
  • Ishq Allah

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