Sunday, October 24, 2010

#152 Swimming with Dolphins - Passion - conversations with Paul Kordis,part 15

We are continuing our Swimming with Dolphins series of conversations with Dr. Paul Kordis. Check back to the complete series.

Paul has been researching writing, and speaking to groups for over 20 years about the processes of profound change. He is a globally traveled speaker and seminar leader on futuristic, human development, change and other topics. He received his Ph.D. degree (with honors) in human capital and economic development from Colorado State University in May, 2008.

His 1,500-page dissertation is entitled “The Superhighway to Serfdom: How False-Social-Norms Marketing is Hijacking the American Dream.” He is a co-author (with Dudley Lynch) of the books The Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World, which has become a best seller, and Code of the Monarch: A Guide to the Real Global Business Revolution. He is also the author (with his wife, Susan) of the book Name Your Passion: A User’s Guide to Finding Your Personal Purpose.

Today’s conversation touches upon the following topics:

  • Passion
    • Doing what you love
    • Doing the way you love to do it – a good context
    • Need to do it where it is needed – finding the right place
    • “If you feel good at work, you are not doing your work” – the social myth to overcome
  • “The Secret” fad
    • Envisioning is only half the story, you have to take action
    • “I love a good breakfast, but I don’t like to make it”. Try lying in bed manifesting it.
  • Attributes of the winners – people who have successively lived being on purpose
  • Bigger than self

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