Sunday, March 22, 2009

#75 The 5Rhythms: Maps of Ecstasy - Dancing with Gabrielle Roth, part 2

It is our great pleasure to present to you a series of conversations with an “urban shaman”, a cartographer of the inner space, an author, a musician, a dancer, and the founder of the 5Rhythms – Gabrielle Roth. This is the second episode of the series.

In this episode, we touch the following topics:

  • Resonance in the body – emotions
    • Flowing resonates in the feet
    • Staccato resonates in the hips and heart
    • Chaos resonates in the neck, shoulders, head
    • Lyrical resonates in the hands
    • Stillness resonates in the breath
    • We can learn to dance from anytihng – flower, rock, mountain, animals…
    • Not “good” and “bad” – what is – is.
    • In the West, we became afraid of fear
  • Dance of the nations
    • We are in a millenium of Chaos, a humbling time. Shattering.
    • The US might not be a super-power.
    • It’s a review of what am I going to die for, and what am I living for
  • Body as a Living Bible
    • Many people don’t know how to read it
    • Reading it is a dance
    • People open up in the face of danger

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