Sunday, March 15, 2009

#74 The 5Rhythms: Maps of Ecstasy - Dancing with Gabrielle Roth, part 1

It is our great pleasure to present to you a series of conversations with an “urban shaman”, a cartographer of the inner space, an author, a musician, a dancer, and the founder of the 5Rhythms – Gabrielle Roth.

In this episode, we touch the following topics:

  • Maps of Ecstasy
    • Timeless, egoless state of being
    • Unleashed but focused
    • Dance – a firey prayer
    • You can dance forever (regardless of age)
    • At first a refuge. But then became much bigger than a refuge, and more people were coming into my refuge.
    • 5Rhythms – DNA of the creative process
  • Devnagiri and Jhoom
    • The Western world lost its root – we are afraid of what is primal in us, and afraid of being touched and touch others in a way that awakens them
  • Being rooted and grounded
    • Rooting is being off the Earth, and grounded is being on the Earth
    • Centered and Grounded
  • Discovering the rhythms
  • Transformation and alchemy
    • Fall in love and stay there
  • Shadow side of 5Rhythms
    • Shadow to flowing is to be inert
    • Staccato – tense and rigit
    • Chaos – mentally confused and panicked
    • Lyrical – spaced out
    • Stillness – numb

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