Sunday, February 15, 2009

#70 Reframing

Reframing (Wikipedia) – Another meaning or another sense is assigned by reframing a situation or context, thus sees a situation in another frame. A frame can refer to a belief, what limits our view of the world. If we let this limiting belief go, new conceptions and interpretation possibilities can develop.

This episode is framed by the following topics:

  • What is reframing?
    • Changing the frame
    • Changing the way you look at it
  • Examples of reframes
  • Where reframes are useful?
    • Business: it’s not the best product that wins, but the one that communicates the best
    • Relationships: Freedom to change my or other’s perspective
    • Getting unstuck
  • Structure of reframing
    • Content reframing
    • Context reframing
    • 6-step reframing
  • Reframing in personal growth
    • Midlife crisis – getting laid off and starting out from scratch
    • Real example – someone survived a car and plane crash, got paralysed and burned, and ran for the senate
    • “Murderball” – a documentary on quadruplegics playing professional wheel-chair version of football
  • Reframing in relationships
  • Reframing in organizations

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