Sunday, February 8, 2009

#69 Archetypes crossing - Paratheatre with Antero Alli, part 3 - How toBegin

Antero Alli

We are continuing the series of conversations with Antero Alli on an experiential medium called ParaTheatre. To have a better understanding of the context, and for the introduction of the speakers, please refer to the first talk in the series.


In this episode, we touch upon the following topics:

  • ParaTheatre – how to start
  • Qualities needed for this work
  • Flexibility of ego
    • Ego as a self-image. Fixed ego is an attempt to preserve this self-image. Flexible ego is the ability to be at home with both self-image and its opposite.
    • Polarization technique as a way to support flexible ego
    • Flexible ego is the same as a strong ego; as opposed to big ego.
  • On thinking before acting
  • Existing conditions
    • Dealing with things that come up
    • Antero’s example – escaing INTO reality, instead of away from it
  • Keeping a journal
  • Talking with our bodies
    • We are continually sending signals
    • Becoming more conscious of these signals, and allowing their expression without the constant need to evaluate the appropriateness of your actions, as you would in a typical social context
    • Exploration of unfamiliar; creativity
  • Codification project
  • (Not) Mythologizing Archetypes
  • No-form – nothing special
  • No-form “conversion” period
  • ParaTheatre from books
  • Finding a language
    • And how weird it may look for an uninitiated observer

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