Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Story of Punished God

This story landed in my inbox today – if you know the origin of this story, please let me know…

This god-like being had committed a great transgression and was punished by his fellow gods, condemned to live imprisoned in a mortal human body.

At his birth, he was trapped inside an infant body with only an infant’s ability to move and speak. As he grew, every outward aspect of his life seemed ordinary, except that he knew inside he was a god. He knew that in
spite of his appearance, his family and his upbringing, there was nothing ordinary about him.

He decided that if he could not reclaim the greatness of a god then he would build his greatness as a man.

Helix NebulaEvery action he took moved him in that direction. He did so with a calm and undisturbed patience, for he knew that inside he was a god. All the time he kept silent about who he knew he really was. To speak of it would only cause others to think him mad and egocentric. As he grew, he accomplished one thing after another. Some people praised him but it meant nothing to him. Others were envious and threatened by his achievements, but he was unmoved.

He continued to live a life of achievement.

On his death bed, he was surrounded by his friends and associates. Their eyes were filled with tears as they saw life slowly passing from him.

One of his closest friends leaned forward and asked ,”You have done so much for all of us and for yourself. How can we possibly live up to your achievements?” And in that moment he saw something in everyone around him that he had never recognized before. He saw a light within each of them that was the light of his former life as a god.

Still holding on to his secret and knowing that his imprisonment was about to end his last words were uttered: “Take what is important and live it.”

As the light from his human eyes faded his real eyes opened, surrounded by the gods who had condemned him. Smiles filled their faces and they welcomed his return as if he were a returning king.

Without them ever telling him, he knew then his sentence was not a punishment but a blessing given by his closest friends.

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