Sunday, June 15, 2008

#39 Rapport series 03: Rhythms of Rapport, part 2 - Somatic, orPre-Verbal Rapport

We are continuing our conversations on the rhythms of rapport, and this time we address the somatic – or pre-verbal – aspects of rapport.

  • Focus on aspects of the body:
    • Breath
    • Eyes (brain states)
    • Overall body gestures and posture
    • Large group dynamics
    • Idiosyncracies
  • Areas:
    • Dancing
    • Business meetings
    • Martial arts
  • Name of the podcast: somatic or pre-verbal?
    • Somatic – anything related to the body
    • Pre-verbal – at the primary level, before the language kicks in. Circuits 1 and 2.
  • Eye accessing cues
    • Traditional NLP way – up, straigth, down
    • Spacial locations
    • Leading: shifting the locations, moving into different modalities
    • Dance (5Rhythms) – eyes “language”
  • Body proper
    • Tracking the impulses that move the body, and replicating that in yours
    • Martial arts (aiki jujutsu) – tracking body as a whole; breathing patterns as expressions; pacing – flowing with a punch, leading – becoming a center and taking control
    • Business meeting face to face – track tentions, match / mirror those, then lead to relaxation
    • People with schizophrenia – enter their world and change it from there
    • Rapport in dance
  • Large groups – rapport as a sense of belonging; track how space and time is treated
  • Idiosyncrasies – personal signatures, unique self-expressions

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