Sunday, June 8, 2008

#38 Rapport series 02: Rhythms of Rapport, part 1 - Verbal Rapport

We are continuing a thread that we have started a long, long time ago on Rapport, reconsidering some of the aspects of rapport in a way that is not traditionally taught in NLP – by turning it from a nominalization into a process – a rhythm. Today we start by (re)defining the structure and dynamics of verbal rapport:

  • What is a rhythm?
    • Pattern
    • Resonance – as in physics (pendulum) and music (groove)
    • Deeply felt somatic phenomena
    • Matching and mismatching a rhythm
  • Tracking, pacing and leading
    • words (backtracking)
    • value words and predicates
    • intent
  • Using meta-model to build rapport – not to destroy it
    • Turning a “Meta-Monster” into a “Meta-Friend”
  • What to track
    • One on one – words, language patterns
    • Small groups – ocean of rapport, waves
    • Large groups – myths, group fears and hopes

[techtags: NLP, Rapport, Language, Verbal, Tracking, Pacing, Leading]

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