Monday, May 26, 2008

7 habits of really happy people

7 habits of really happy people » Lyved

So here are seven habits that can be found in people who are
always really happy. If you can practice these and turn them into
habits you’ll be just as happy as them.

1. Don’t care what others think

They don’t care what others think or have to say. If
they did, they wouldn’t let themselves free and be happy because
of the possibility of scrutiny.

Really happy people also never let negative people and their
attitudes get to them. Whatever the negative people say or do just
rolls off the backs of the happy people.

2. Always looking at the bright side of things

No matter what situations are thrown at a happy person, they
look for the bright side. Everything that is negative has a positive
side to it. Negativity wouldn’t exist without positivity. Happy
people know this and have practiced looking for the bright side so much
that now it has become a habit. And even if a happy person can’t
find the bright side of something, they’ll create it.

3. Being friendly

Happy people are always looking to make friends. They
don’t care what you look like or what background you come from,
they just want someone new to laugh and be happy with. And by default
happy people are friendly; everyone wants to be happy as well and are
drawn to them.

If you know a friendly person who is always making fun of
others to bring them down, then they aren’t truly happy person.
There’s something inside of them that they are insecure about.

4. Laugh & Smile

This habit goes along with being friendly. I have NEVER seen
a happy person not smile or laugh. It just isn’t physically
possible. However, a really happy person smiles so much that they
turned it into a habit. You might even see them smiling for no real
reason, it’s that natural to them. Laughing is another mandatory
habit of really happy people. If you or they aren’t laughing,
then there’s no true happiness.

5. Live in the moment

Really happy people make the most of every minute and day
they have. They aren’t going to wait to have fun; they’re
going to create fun now.

6. Push aside their troubles

Even if a happy person can’t find or create the
positive side of a situation, they do the next best thing, they push it
aside. They forget about it and move on because they know it’s
only temporary and they know they can make their troubles leave even

7. Laugh in the face of fear

Just like the rest of us, really happy people have fears.
Most of the time they just don’t display it. Happy people make
jokes to lighten the mood and to make others feel more relaxed so they
will too.

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