Sunday, March 23, 2008

#27 Designer Swishes

Swish is a novel visualization technique for reducing unwanted habits. The process involves disrupting a pattern of thought that usually leads to an unwanted behavior such that it leads to a desired alternative. (Wikipedia)

This podcast covers the following topics:

  • Definitions of swishes
    • Binding a new response to an existing trigger. Most popular NLP way: by changing pictures in your mind.
    • Neural pathways – digging a new “trench”, new circuitry in the brain
    • Triggers can be in different modalities; doing a swish in the driver modality
  • Uses of swishes – personal examples
    • Martial arts: practicing movements at inappropriate times
    • Not being able to take praise
    • Building social confidence
  • Guided experience of a visual swish
  • Discussion of the NLP swish
  • Expanding the frame of the swish
    • Dance, 5Rhymths by Gabrielle Roth
    • “Fool’s dance” – a series of movements in monomyth workshop
    • Movement towards our highest potential

[techtags: NLP, Swish, 5Rhythms, Dance, Monomyth]

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