Sunday, March 15, 2015

KONTIKI - Book Review and Recommendation: 5 STARS

Just finished with Kontiki -What an astonishing adventure, 5000 miles from Peru to Polynesia on a wooden raft. Thor Heyerdahl is a biologist who believed that Polynesia was settled by South Americans 1500 years ago.
He followed his theory into practice when every scientific establishment and publication shut him out. He and a band of 5 friends go on an adventure of a lifetime including
1. Building a raft based on 1500 year old designs
2. Getting financing from the Peruvian Govt. and survival material/shark repellents from the US Navy
3. Radio break downs, and pet parrots being eaten by sharks
4. Hunting for a shark with hand held blade
5. A clash of Faith and Science
6. A deep study of leadership and the hero’s journey
These gentleman changed the way adventure and exploration was viewed post world war two. The story is inspirational and gripping.
IMO one of the must read stories of our time.
FIVE STARS rating from me on this, and I intent to come back to this “teaching story” again. It is worth 10 times the price of its low $5 market price. THIS IS A TRUE CLASSIC!

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