Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Star Book Review: Hagakure - Code of the Samurai

If you have seen the movie Ghost Dog you have been introduced to the Hagakure. If you have studied the Bushido in any form, then no doubt you have come across this work. Profound and misunderstood at the same time. A lifetime treat to unravel slowly and delibrately. READ THIS BOOK if the old ways of the blade call you

The warrior rule in Japan lasted from 1160 to 1868. In 1710 Tsunetomo Yamamoto began dictating perhaps one of the best known and least understood books on the Way of the Warrior- The Hagakure. This is the Code of the Samurai.

The book is a collection of parables that point towards the Samurai life. It begins with a young scribe who comes to an old master looking for a unique education, and boy does he get one.

In this edition which is adapted by Sean Micheal Wilson – the old wisdom stories are bought to life in anime/illustrations, making it a real pleasure to read.

The book is divided into firve chapters 1)The Way of the Samurai 2) Loyalty 3)Revenge 4)Kaishaku and Seppaku 5) Sincerity

Way of The Samurai: – book of Kokendenju. Several anecdotes that illustrate the path less travelled. Lesson 1:Matters of Great Concern should be treated lightly 2: Learning when to be ruthless and when to retire 3: Making fun of others is beneath a Samurai 4: Samurai does not ignore rude behavior

Loyalty:- 1: to the present moment 2: being kind to ones retainers 3: Not to seek wealth and fame for its own sake 4:the geneology story 5:Staying humble at heart

Revenge:- Revenge is beautiful act 2: Avoiding shame by embracing death 3: How to take proper revenge

Kaishaku and Seppaku : 1:The right way to cut heads 2:NO fame for a good cut, but a lifetime of disgrace for a bad one

Sincerity: 1:Sincerity is the way of heaven and is instinctive

If you are into MA you will lobe this book, if you study the old ways then BUY THIS BOOK. If you are fascinated by the Japanese ways, and or anime, you will really enjoy this adaptation.

Get this comic book, you will love it for its wisdom and fantastic art

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