Monday, May 19, 2014

RCG reunion and re-kickoff

RCG Reunion and Re-Kickoff 

Felt really good for the three of us Arman DariniSergey Berezin and I) to get back together on our Radical Change Group projects again after a hiatus of 8 months. We recorded our podcasts 226 and 227 this evening and the topic we are exploring is Gratitude. Still free, and an offering to the world coming from our personal experiences.

When I think back its been such a fantastic journey from the early days in 2002 when the trio started the Stanford NLP Club. Now over 225 podcasts as a gift, over 18 collaborators, close to 2 million downloads from a 100 countries. Have nothing but gratitude for the the friendship, the journey and opportunity to Serve.

Was a good evening with my brothers!

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