Sunday, June 10, 2012

#205 Patterns of Fate and Destiny, part 20 - Discovering Your Patterns

Certain threads run consistently through our lives and define both who we are and how we relate with the world. For the most part we remain unconscious of these threads that define our life story. This is a journey of becoming conscious of some of these threads and in the process the listeners becoming aware of their life stories.

Today’s conversation concludes the series:

  • Discovering your patterns
    • Finding your consistent patterns / noticing
      • The imprint – usually a wound, and the gift
        • Your gift is likely in you due to a wound you had, or any powerful imprint
      • Poisonous water and beautiful fountain
        • Internal trip, how it develops
      • Ugliness & beauty
        • Transforming the world around you
  • Ranking by impact
  • Verifying with friends and family
  • How to use it in the world
    • The dance between individuality and wholeness

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