Sunday, December 18, 2011

#193 Patterns of Fate and Destiny, part 8 - Mahipal Lunia and his senseof Contribution

Certain threads run consistently through our lives and define both who we are and how we relate with the world. For the most part we remain unconscious of these threads that define our life story. This is a journey of becoming conscious of some of these threads and in the process the listeners becoming aware of their life stories.Today, Mahipal will talk about his sense of contribution:

  • What is contribution, and why contribute
  • What happens when Mahipal sees someone in need of help
  • Examples from
    • Gundappa uncle and freedom struggle
    • Grandpa helping schools and hospitals
    • Sensei Sastri contributing to kids lives
    • Osho helping people experience freedom
  • Nature, National Park Services, Whales
  • Dayaa – the micro-gifting concept

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