Sunday, December 5, 2010

#156 The Way of the Warrior, part 6 - Humility and the study of Art

We are honored and humbled to continue our conversation on the Way of the Warrior, this time with Vilaire Sensei and Sastri Sensei. Vilaire Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden is the presenter of the system in this generation, and Sastri Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden is the headmaster of the Indian Branch of KAR, and senior advisor to both the Kita Yama and Mountain View Aiki dojo.

  • The kindness and gentleness of this art
    • Sometimes kindness means killing effectively
    • As a sensei you are a commanding officer,
    • A special bond is sometimes created with “some students”
    • I have gained a family by being an instructor of this system
    • Not everyone reaches graduate school nor do they need to, people leave school at different parts/levels
  • Enjoying the art you practice is critical
    • Art was not designed to be liked, it was designed to be what it is
    • Commercial schools change based on what people like
    • We don’t depend on teaching the art to survive, we do other things, and come to the art for other reasons
  • Difference between warrior schools and other schools
    • Warriors don’t worry about life and death, they do what they have to do
    • Fighting for a cause, not for profit
    • We study it because we see the beauty involved in the knowledge we are learning
    • We look at ourselves and discover “my god, I am different now”
    • Warrior art, philosophical living
    • Learn humility, learn how to be human
    • In some parts of the world they will hunt you down if they find out you are a martial artist
    • Fighting is for babies, if you think sparring makes you tough you are in for a rude awakening
    • Need to learn how to deal with real violence
    • Guns don’t kill, you need to be able to pull the trigger – that requires training
    • You don’t become a true warrior by being a keyboard martial artist
    • Don’t come to learn from us if you just wish to learn how to defend against that onetime you may be mugged
    • You cannot bypass violence, it part of human nature
    • We deal with true violence to reach our highself

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