Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We want to thank all of our listeners, and all of our collaborators today as we have kind of hit a major milestone today. We never thought this project would come as far as it has or take the shape  it has taken.

So we stand here somewhat proud, and yet very humbled that a small group, following its shared vision has managed to reach a goal far beyond its initial sights and its impact far greater than we had imagined.

Yes it feels great today for we have

  1. Reached 500,000 downloads of our material
  2. We have published 136 shows on various topics
  3. Downloads from over 100 Countries
  4. Our topics of exploration have spanned various streams including but not limited to Neuro Linguistic Programming, Spiral Dynamics, Gravesian Levels, Mythology, 8 Circuit Brain, Leadership, Martial Arts, Dance, Theater, Shamanism, Positive Deviance, Somatics, Buckminister Fuller………

And we want to thank all of you our listeners for helping us reach this with no marketing or push, but the growth has been completely by self discovery and word of mouth. We also want to thank all our collaborators in helping this project take shape.  Our thanks go to –

  • Sensei Srini Sastri – Menkyo Kaiden, Kaze Arashi Ryu for “Way Of the Warrior” Series and so-so much more
  • Late Paul Rebillot – For being such a wonderful mentor in our mythology studies and the “Embodied Mythology” series
  • Late Richard Roberts – For bringing Joseph Cambell’s work even closer to us than we could have imagined
  • Gabrielle Roth & Kathy Altman – who continue to teach us how to dance to our own beat and the “5 Rhythms” series
  • Paul Kordis – Best selling author, Friend and collaborator, someone who writes and embodies the work of Clare Graves in the deepest possible ways and “Swimming With Dolphins” series
  • Marshal Thurber – For sponsoring our initiation into the world of Bucky Fuller, Positive Deviance and Super Learning – and the “Positive Deviance” series
  • David Neenan – Inviting us into his Business & You world, and unique mix of existential living and contribution and his series on “Bucky and Transformation”
  • Antero Alli – For the multiple Paratheatre experiences, and the series on “8 Circuit Brain” and “Archetypes Crossing” Series
  • Ismana Carney – For her graciousness at Esalen and the series on “Earth As Sacred Text”
  • Maniko – For helping us see how voice and dance merge, and the series on “Alchemy of Voice” series
  • And a few more Unnamed Mentors and friends who though remain behind curtains have helped shape us and our lives

And above all THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LISTENERS and all the emails and feedback you have sent to this project. We stand in awe, and with humility as we cross the milestone of HALF A MILLION DOWNLOADS!!!!!!!!!!

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