Sunday, July 19, 2009

#91 Great Moments, part 1

Wouldn’t it be great to turn your failures not just into success, but into great moments? Here’s our first part of the conversation on the subject:

  • What is Failure
    • Something to avoid
    • True failure – try it, fail, and never try again
    • Finding excuses to justify never trying again
  • Why do people fail?
    • Do the same mistake over and over again
    • Lack of sensory acuity
    • Lack of skills
    • Perspective on failure (falling down or failure to get up)
    • Losing hope or not acting
    • Forgetting to learn, giving it time (“expert desease”)
    • Fear of failure, protecting the ego
  • Great Moments
    • Realization of having fallen down and process of getting up
    • Not letting the results define me
    • An “Aha!” moment
    • I’ve just learned something more about the reality!
  • Examples of great moments
    • Thomas Edison
    • Buckminster Fuller – lake Michigan story
  • Structure of great moments
    • Selebrating your mistakes as new learnings
    • Willingness to try new approaches
    • Willingness to test your assumptions
    • Knowing the directon
    • Willingness to go into unknown territory
    • Comfort vs. Being Alive
    • Making new mistakes

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