Sunday, June 7, 2009

#86 Accelerated Learning, part 2

In this podcast, we bring back the theme of accelerated learning that we started way back in one of our first episodes, now approaching it from a totally new angle and with the new learnings and experiences that we ourselves have learned in the meantime:

  • What is learning?
    • What takes time in learning is “not getting it” (Marshall Thurber)
    • “Phase change,” or transformational learning, in contrast to “slow learning”
    • The tipping point in learning
  • Examples of accelerated learning
    • Learning NLP techniques – finding the bigger structure
    • Ballroom dancing – exploring the space of mistakes
    • Strategy to execution
  • What people remember?
    • The first thing, the last thing, and any strongly emotional moments in between
    • Structuring learning in smaller chunks
    • Segmented learning
    • Constructing stories
  • Examples of learning through stories
  • Different kinds of learning
    • Academic
    • Experiential
  • Games – making learning fun
  • Closing remarks
    • Making games on the fly
    • Look for humor
    • Learning as new ways to have fun
    • “Mischief accomplished!”

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