Friday, May 29, 2009

200K Downloads and Counting!

WOW!!!!! 200K downloads, unbelievable! – is what we keep saying. Last June, we were at 50K downloads, and had no idea where this would go, and not a year later we have tripled our viewership. This is all thanks to listeners like you who have found us and perhaps shared this with other listeners and friends.

We started this journey 3 years ago with some explicit goals, as a means to share our learnings and discoveries with the world as a gift, something coming from deep within and offered without expectations of anything in return. We also made a conscious decision not to advertise, promote or in other ways try to seed this content to generate artificial demand for it. We wanted this to spread organically, meaning that:

  1. People would spread it by word of mouth, after being wowed by what they experienced;
  2. We believed that if the ideas were valid and have value, they will survive. Otherwise, there is no need for them.
  3. We wanted to allow nature to take its own course, as we expressed our voice in the deepest possible way.

So here we are, and we are both proud and humbled by what we have accomplished with your support. The highlights are:

  1. Over 200k downloads with no advertising or promotion;
  2. Listeners in over 80 countries worldwide;
  3. We have been blessed with teachers from all over, teaching and sharing with us, many are our friends and continue to guide us on our journey. We want to also thank them for their time and contribution to our project:
    • Sensei Sastri
    • Gabrielle Roth
    • Kathy Altman
    • Antero Alli
    • Paul Kordis
    • Richard Roberts
    • Marshall Thurber
    • David Neenan
    • Paul Rebillot

In closing, we are thankful to you all, and would love to get your feedback on what you liked, what you would like to see, and how we can improve our shows. Further if you have found these podcasts to be of value, help us now by spreading the value around, do share this site and this labor of love with those you think may benefit from it. If you enjoy this work, perhaps, you may consider forwarding this link and this work to 5-10 other people you think may benefit from it, spread the gift, spread the contribution, and help us move the evolution of ideas and beings a little further along.

Thank you!

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