Sunday, February 1, 2009

#68 Archetypes crossing - Paratheatre with Antero Alli, part 2 - TheMajor Elements

Antero Alli

We are continuing the series of conversations with Antero Alli on an experiential medium called ParaTheatre. To have a better understanding of the context, and for the introduction of the speakers, please refer to the first talk in the series.


In this episode, we touch upon the following topics:

  • Relationship to Space
    • The very first ritual – entering the room
    • Territorial instinct
    • Relationship to space and no-form
  • Verticality
    • Virtical vs. Horisontal attention
  • Asocial Intent
    • To avoid the burden of social considerations – approval, attraction, wanting to beat up someone, etc.
    • Not the same as anti-social (meaning “hostile”); instead, re-focused on relation to space around people
    • Allows for connection to “verticality”
    • Interaction with other people becomes from the place of offering, where one’s needs are already met by the connection to the vertical sources. The interactions become more authentic; you present yourself as you are, not as you want them to see you. You are not losing yourself in the other person. In contrast, most social interactions are based on meeting the needs, “what can I get from you”, and very little vertical connection.
  • Feeling the body deeply
    • ParaTheatre as a medium for triggering visions
    • Feeling the body deeply to find the visions / images that are
  • Direct Experience
    • Choice of what to be true to
    • Ritual is not solving the conflict, but exposing the conflict, and interacting with it as the energy source for movement
  • The Force of Commitment
    • Your capacity for follow-through
    • Commitment always determines the quality of the result, in anything you do.
    • Increasing the force of commitment
    • Fear (of inadequacy) is where commitment is most required. Fear is the beginning stage of converting fears into commitments.
  • Integrity Point

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