Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What If...

What If…

  • …Transformational teachings were shared as gifts, rather than traded for money
  • …You had access to iconoclasts and change makers on-demand, rather than at their availability?
  • …The conversations were spontaneous, open, and emergent, rather than scripted, dogmatic, and dry?
  • …Change was approached synergistically, through the synthesis of many approaches?
  • …There were no ads or infomercials?

At the Radical Change Group, we believe that questions are more important than the answers. Hence, we have formulated our mission and focus as these "what if" questions – for our listeners to decide for themselves.

As we are rolling into yet another evolutionary phase, we need your active support more than ever. Please consider supporting us by either volunteering / interning with us, hiring us, or sponsoring us. We – and most importantly our listeners and those who otherwise benefit from this work – will appreciate your help!

The Radical Change Group Team.

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