Sunday, June 29, 2008

#41 Language Series 05: Sleight of Mouth Patterns - part 1

From Wikipedia: Ultimately, Sleight of Mouth focuses on influence by challenging, and thus changing, beliefs. […] in Sleight of Mouth the concept of belief is built on a more specific set of definitions, as follows:

  • Complex Equivalence: X=Y, or X is equivalent to Y
  • Cause-Effect: X causes Y, X results in Y

In this episode, we define the sleight of mouth patterns, introduce our own classification, and show the first group of these patterns – the “logical” SOM.

  • What are SOMs?
    • Verbal Aiki – Flowing, harmonizing
    • If meta-model is about getting information, SOM is utilizing and directionalizing it
  • Our categorization of SOM
    • Logical SOM
    • Neurological SOM
    • Alogical SOM
  • History of SOM patterns
    • Robert Dilts modeling and codifying Richard Bandler
  • How do we use SOM in life
    • The structure of humor
    • The structure of transformation
    • Personal relationships
  • Logical SOM patterns
    • Counterexample
    • Paradox, or apply to self

[techtags: NLP, Language, Sleigh of Mouth]

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