Sunday, February 10, 2008

#21 The Way of the Warrior, part 1

Today what we are going to offer you is a rare glimps into the mind and the attitude of a true warrior. It’s a rare honor and privilege for us to be able to host sensei Srinivasan Sastri, a MenkyoKaiden in the art of Kaze Arashi Ryu. He is graciously offering us his insights into what it means to lead one’s life as a true warrior.

We frame this series of podcasts as mini-modeling sessions – an NLP term for extracting the essense of someone’s excellence, and creating a model or a guidance towards achieving similar results in yourself, and teaching it to others.

In today’s podcast, sensei Sastri talks about:

  • Kaze Arashi Ryu
  • What makes an art
  • Reasons to learn an art
  • True learning never ends
  • Learning the principles
  • Visualization
  • Fighting multiple opponents
  • Applying principles in real life
  • Awareness training
  • Being in the zone
  • Kick Defenses

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