Sunday, January 27, 2008

#19 Adaptive Intelligencies, Part 3 - The Graves Model of Bio-Psycho-Social System of Human Development

We are continuing to go in-depth into each of the levels of Adaptive Intelligencies. In this podcast, we cover the remaining 3 levels: Orange, Green and Yellow.

  • Level 5 – Orange:
    • From the land of stability and security (blue) to options, possibilities, using and re-inventing the rules, prosperity, control over resources. Success is the keyword. He/she who has the largest resources has most power. Example: US corporations having more power that even the government or religion. Enterpreneurs, wealth hubs.
    • Metaphors: games; win-lose metaphors. One with more toys wins the game.
    • Shades of gray (on previous levels mainly black and white)
    • Movies: “Stepford wives”, “The Wall Street”
    • Leadership: to be gain, and to be kept.
    • Learning: break into part and analyse in pieces. The sense of wholeness hasn’t come here yet. Motivation: Challenges, and rewards after overcoming a challenge, or to let them demonstrate how skilled and powerful they are. Prove themselves.
    • Time: future-oriented. Present is sacrificed for the future, always in the rat-race.
    • Values: reasons for making money – accumulation of wealth.
    • Metaprograms: internal.
    • Extensions: high fashion, expensive things
    • Body: suave
    • Organizational structure: small scunk groups going for opportunities. Free market.
    • Science: if Newtonian is Blue, then Orange is Thermodynamics.
    • Scientific Orange: commercialize scientific findings
    • Architecture: sky scrapers; business buildings are the highest
  • Level 6 – Green
    • 1960s – hippy movement, free love, equality, acceptence, pluralistic world view. Relativity of viewpoints, resources. Democracy (in idealized form) is Green. It is important to hear everybody’s voice. Dark side: insistence on everybody being heard, and nothing gets done. Nobody’s taking charge (everybody’s equal), flat land, doesn’t recognize that people have different skills or points of view. Talks of law of attraction, spirituality, personal growth. New age spirituality sometimes gets mixed with magic (Purple) and confused for transcendence.
    • Family structure: harmony and love
    • Architecture: Frank Lloyd – everything blends into each other.
    • Metaprograms: external reference, attentions on people, on relationships. My rules for me, and your rules for you.
    • Clothing: loose-fitting clothing, flowing.
    • Political system: liberitarian view, freedom
    • Learning: unconscious model, mirror neurons come in
    • Movies: Star Track
  • Level 7 – Yellow
    • Systemic, “Gaia” perspective.
    • Values: freedom, flexibility, knowledge, competence. What do you know? Who can I learn it from? So much to learn, so little time.
    • Leadership: based on process who is best suited for what, and changes hands quickly.
    • Jobs: experts, advisors, stay in a shadow (advisors to kings – Merlin – an advisor to the King)
    • Metaprograms: reference – internal, expression of self. Metaphors – paradoxical, breaking free from dualities (right and wrong, black and white). You hold the tension of the opposites until the third quality emerges.
    • Movies: “Pi”
    • Learning strategies: self-driven, go anywhere to anyone where you can learn. You are becoming like a sponge.
    • Calibration: high sensory acuity, fluidly switch from being a teacher to being a student.

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