Sunday, December 16, 2007

#16 States of Consciousness

  • What states are, and why we should pay attention to them?
    • Gestalt of neurology of the mind and the body
    • State change work in NLP – one of those all-purpose concepts
    • State control, especially kinesthetic
  • States are like a computer program
  • Why have conscious control over the states?
    • Different states have different intelligences imbibed in them. Learning is state-dependent, and there is a purpose for each state and intelligence
    • Learning to ride a bike
    • Relationships
    • Being a leader in business or politics
  • State Syntax
    • Definitions of a state:
    • Neurology of the body, position
    • Internal neurology – chemicals, foods
    • Kinds of thoughts, words, inner dialogue
    • Emotions
    • Submodalities
  • What we pay attention to – calibration
    • Feelings in the body and how they move
    • How your body is positioned and how it moves
    • Breathing
  • Exercise: map out a list of emotions
  • How to gain conscious control of the states
    • Anchor the states
    • The Swish pattern
      • Visual
      • Auditory
      • Kinesthetic
      • Combining all three
  • Designer states
    • Emotional bar – an equalizer deck for emotions
    • Guided exercise with 3 dimensions (three emotions)
    • How many more dimensions would you like to add to your mind?

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