Sunday, November 4, 2007

#10 Submodalities

A submodality in neuro-linguistic programming is a distinction of form or structure (rather than content) within a sensory representational system. Submodalities refers to the subjective structural subdivisions within a given representational system. For example, in visual terms, common distinctions include: brightness, degree of colour (saturation), size, distance, sharpness, focus, and so on; in auditory: loudness, pitch, tonal range, distance, clarity, timbre, and so on (Wikipedia)

  • Definitions of modalities and submodalities
  • Hypnotic induction – finding The Goal of Your Life, and exploring submodalities in the process (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
  • Amplifying the submodalities of the life goal
  • Explanation of the process and submodalities
    • Control knobs for the submodalities
    • Being the DJ of your life – what resonates the most with you
  • What is real, and what is imaginary?
  • Why visualization doesn’t work

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