Saturday, December 8, 2012

NLP Recordings gifted to Public Domain by Richard Bolstad with Radical Change Group

Its amazing and very fullfilling when ones’ work, and ones’ mission touches others deeply enough for them to open up and join you in your mission, in our case its about giving transformation as a gift to the world. 
A lil while ago while communicating with Richard Bolstad and sharing with him what we (Mahipal LuniaSergey Berezin and Arman Darini) at Radical Change Group are doing such a incident happened. Richard wrote back to me and said “your mission is noble” and he did something very noble himself. He has gifted 3 programs to the world in conjunction with the Radical Change Group project. We want to thank Richard again, and do hope other trainers/leaders also are inspired and share some of their learnings with the world as a gift. 

You can download the recordings at
The recordings are listed below, please help yourself and do say thank you to richard for his generosity

Keys to Success Free Home Study 2 Day Training

  • Detect the subtle nonverbal changes that let you know when someone is agreeing or disagreeing, so you can adjust what you say and do to reach agreement.
  • Use specific body language to create the feeling of rapport and trust in the first ten minutes. Create more co-operation with family, friends, colleagues and clients than ever before.
  • Connect with people on a deeper level using the techniques that research finds people who create lifelong relationships use.
  • Set, and help others to set, more effective, measurable and achievable goals, so you get what you intend out of life.
  • Learn why “The Secret” isn’t working for you and set goals the way the most successful people in history really do it to generate wealth, success and satisfaction!
  • Be able to enter a state of high motivation and confidence, or a state of deep relaxation, at will in any situation, using the NLP technique of Resource Anchoring.
  • Identify and use the five Keys to Success which the developers of NLP found were relevant in any professional or personal situation.

The Files

NLP and Spirituality Afternoon Sample Training


Step into the Integration training and study Dr Richard Bolstad’s “Unanswerable Question” process.

The Files

Trauma Recovery Free Home Study 2 Day Training

Tsunami in Japan

Tsunami in Japan 2011

  • Learn and practice the NLP Trauma Recovery Process as taught by Richard Bolstad in several international crisis situations.
  • Learn and practice the NLP Eye Movement Integration Process.
  • Learn the overview protocol for working with traumatic memories so you have a sense of understanding of where you are in the process of change.
  • Distinguish functional resilient and recovery responses to traumatic experiences, from dysfunctional, chronic traumatic responses and understand how to respond usefully to each.
  • Feel confident using NLP to help in a disaster situation, both immediately after events and later as people recover.
  • Learn “The Worst Is Over” technique for rapport and usefully suggestive response in the immediate crisis situation.

The Files

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