What ifTransformational teachings were shared as gifts, rather than traded for money?

…You had access to iconoclasts and change makers on-demand, rather than at their availability?

…The conversations were spontaneous, open, and emergent, rather than scripted, dogmatic, and dry?

…Change was approached synergistically, through the synthesis of many approaches?

…There were no ads or infomercials?

Would you participate?

RCG Stands For

Bring together, transform, and share ideas and ways of being that are rooted in beauty, ecology, and happiness.


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    What People Are Saying

    Life does not ship with the instruction manual it so desperately needs. Like many, the early editions of my manual were bootstrapped from popular or ancient culture: newspaper zodiac, magazine Jung, fables of moral perfection from Palestine, Greek peni... Read more »

    (Rik Ganju, December 2008)