What ifTransformational teachings were shared as gifts, rather than traded for money?

…You had access to iconoclasts and change makers on-demand, rather than at their availability?

…The conversations were spontaneous, open, and emergent, rather than scripted, dogmatic, and dry?

…Change was approached synergistically, through the synthesis of many approaches?

…There were no ads or infomercials?

Would you participate?

RCG Stands For

Bring together, transform, and share ideas and ways of being that are rooted in beauty, ecology, and happiness.


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    There is a reason you have hit 50k downloads… you are producing some stimulating, quality shows! I discovered your podcast last month and am working my way through all of the episodes. Highlights thus far have been Paul Rebillot, Adaptive Intelligen... Read more »

    (Brad Jacobson)