Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Radical Change Group Update - New year, new directions :)

Hello everyone,

Its been a good summer break, and we are now getting ready to hit the ball running again. Before we jump into where we are headed next, a quick look at what was accomplished so far

  • Over 1,000,000 downloads and counting
  • 200 plus recordings created and published – ad and commercial free
  • Over a dozen collaborators on subjects ranging from NLP, Spiral Dynamics/Graves Model, Mythology, Leadership, Dance, Martial Arts, Theatre, 8 Circuit mind, voice, existential business, positive deviance etc
  • Some fantastic people came into our life during this journey – we learned from them all, trained deeply with some and have become good friends with a few

Now as we return after our break, we are rejuvenated and ready to take on some more things.  We have 4 key projects we are looking to do over the next year

  1. Release a never before published recording of the Hero’s Journey with Paul Rebillot. We have had the honor of working with him in the years before his death and he had entrusted us with these recordings and per his wishes we are releasing them over the next 6 weeks. These are experiential sessions, so enjoy them
  2. We have finished encoding and creating the “year with Bucky Fuller” and we plan to release them this year for you all to enjoy the genius of this Nobel Laureate. This will be 52 recordings with a true genius — bought to you by the collaboration between Marshall Thurber and Radical Change Group
  3. Radical Vedanta with Arnauld Desjardin – a year long series of conversations (52 conversations) on this French Advaita Vendata pioneer. We believe it will be the only recordings available by him anywhere, and we bring this to you with a Yes from Arnauld and A Festival of Newness
  4. RCG Version 5 – we start our explorations of group work/process – and what we are calling Tribing – building and sustaining groups that work.

So with that welcome back to our sessions of Radical Change Radio

Mahipal Lunia, Sergey Berezin and Arman Darini

Co-Founders Radical Change Group, International

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