Sunday, November 14, 2010

#154 The Way of the Warrior, part 4 - Tradition and Teacher

We are honored and humbled to continue our conversation on the Way of the Warrior, this time with Vilaire Sensei and Sastri Sensei. Vilaire Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden is the presenter of the system in this generation, and Sastri Sensei, Menkyo Kaiden is the headmaster of the Indian Branch of KAR, and senior advisor to both the Kita Yama and Mountain View Aiki dojo.

  • What is tradition
    • Does not have to be old to be tradition
    • Knowledge passed on from one person to another
    • Tradition is based on principles not time
    • Name does not matter, what you do/execute matters
    • Don’t let famous names guide/misguide you
    • Art is only as good as its presenter, and for this generation I am the presenter (Vilaire Shihan)
    • Whatever I have done I have done from my heart, soul and spirit
    • Fame is almost inverse of the art I do
    • A small tradition, less than 188 students worldwide, and this is by choosing
    • The knowledge we have been passing down is so special, and its not easy to duplicate at all – one can try and are free to do so if people please
    • There is nothing to defend the system, it can stand on its own
    • Is my samurai greater than your samurai ??
    • Whose fame or skill is carrying the system/art
    • The question should be “have I started where my teachers have stopped and are my students ready to surpass me”
  • True teacher
    • Must expect your students to be better than you
    • This art does require a certain amount intelligence
    • I hope and pray my students are better than me
    • I am NOT important, the art and expression is the important thing
    • Don’t memorize, but analyze the techniques – its not monkey see, monkey do
    • Don’t be bogged down by tradition or history – what is important is who are you and what can you do
    • Its not how good your teacher is, the question is how good a student are you to learn
    • A relationship based on respect is important to really learn
    • Pay attention to what your heart tells you abut your teacher, not what the world says he is
    • You are free to go and learn anywhere, if you find something better than what I have to offer, you can please leave and leave me alone

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