Sunday, August 15, 2010

#142 Embodied Mythology Series 11: Rituals of Transformation with PaulRebillot, part 1

We are continuing our conversations with our teacher and friend Paul Rebillot on the topic of the Healing Theatre – the combination of acting and drama, mythology, gestalt therapy, and rituals. For more information about Paul and his work, please visit his website – Direct Impact Creativity.

In this episode, Paul explains the structure and design of Rites of Passage, or the Rituals of Transformation.

The topics covered in this talk are:

  • Rites of Passage – Example
    • Ways of leaving the “nest”
    • Suffering is being stuck at a passage
  • Structure for creating rites of passages
    • Ritual is dying to the old and being born into the new
  • Boy becoming a man – one of the aboriginal rituals
    • How did you find out that there is no Santa Clause?
  • Various rites of passages
  • How do we construct these rituals?
    • Saying good-bye to the past
    • Symbolic act of ending the past
    • Going into the no-man’s-land
    • Crossing into the other side, being who they are. Trying something new behavior in the new place.
    • Group gesture to complete the ritual

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