Sunday, June 27, 2010

#137 Buckminster Fuller - Conversations with David Neenan, part 2

We are continuing our conversation with David Neenan about Buckminster Fuller.

David Neenan is the creator of the pioneering Archistruction(R) process for planning, designing, and managing building construction projects. As president of The Neenan Company, he has combined leading-edge information processing and design methods and innovative “people” approaches to reengineer how the construction process works from conception to completion. His company uses the Archistruction methods to design and costruct office, medical, retail, and light industrial buildings for clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region from offices in Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. David is also a nationally recognized seminar leader, keynode speaker, business consultant, and the author of books such as “Evergreen” and “No Excuses: be the hero of your own life”. He has produced his “Business & You” and other seminars in Colorado, Hawaii, California, Texas, Vermont, Taiwan, Sweden, Moscow, and Siberia. He and his wife, Sharon, live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The Lake Michigan Dialogue
    • Not everyone can learn from hard experiences
    • The only way to learn is to hang in there. Resilience is the key.
    • You don’t belong to you, you belong to the Universe
    • The “Guinea Pig B”: what can one pennyless person do on behalf of the humanity?
    • Best technology was used for “killingry”, instead of for “livingry”
    • The Universe is a perfect balance of tension and compression
  • Bucky’s principles in Business – Synergistics
  • Excuses and responsibility
    • What can I do about?
    • I didn’t do it
    • Everybody else is doing it
    • I couldn’t help it, I had no choice
    • God told me to do it
    • I couldn’t help it, I was afraid
  • How Bucky died
    • “Call me trimtab”

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