Sunday, February 7, 2010

#117 The Earth as a Sacred Text - Conversations with Ismana, part 5

We are concluding our series of conversations with Ismana Carney – a Jung-based Earth-centered shamanic therapist. In these talks, Ismana explores with us some basic and very important questions through the eyes of a person deeply connected to Nature, Jungian psychology and shamanic traditions.

From the website of Terra Lucida Institute: Ismana Carney’s work is grounded in Carl Jung’s approach to dream work, archetypal, and Nature psychology, and cultivating the soul via Earth-centered rituals and therapeutic shamanic practices. Ismana teaches college and university courses in comparative world religions with a special emphasis on the mystical traditions. For the past two decades Ismana has also been involved both professionally and personally with Native indigenous tribal communities and their cultural and spiritual traditions. Ismana is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on Native American cultural and spiritual life.

In today’s episode:

  • Living in a relation with nature
    • Everything is alive
  • Men’s and Women’s paths
  • Maturity
    • What is a Mature Woman? Man?

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