Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays - see you back in 2010

As the holiday season approaches here in the United States – as well as in many other parts of the World – we are pausing our regular stream of podcasts for 3 weeks till the 10th of January, 2010.

The year 2009 has been a very productive and insightful year for us. We have released more conversations with wonderful guests such as Gabrielle Roth, Paul Kordis, Antero Alli, Paul Rebillot, and Richard Roberts, as well as our own talks on change, patterns, learning and more.

This year also marked a transition for us at the Radical Change Group from relatively short and independent talks – to creating longer and more in-depth series of podcasts dedicated to broader topics. The first of such series – the “Body of Wisdom” has ended this year with our distillation of generalized principles from body-based disciplines such as martial arts, dance, rituals, and more.

In the coming year 2010 we are going to continue the dive deeper into such series of podcasts, starting with a new series on Positive Deviants. We will also be releasing more talks with our guests, and are planning on expanding our library of online material beyond the single stream of podcasts.

With that, we are wishing you Merry Christmas, a very Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays! See you back in 2010!

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