Sunday, August 16, 2009

#95 Letting Go to Move On

In this episode, we are talking an important aspect of any transformation – accepting and letting go of the old, before embracing the new.

  • Why it is important
    • What we accumulate holds us back
    • Directionality – let go of what to move where? Changing the state of being
    • “Gods of one level are the demons of the next”
  • What keeps us stuck?
    • Delusions – and acceptance as a path
    • Emotions that keep us back, and forgiveness as a way out.
    • When you don’t see an alternative
  • Sequence of steps
    • Forgive the old before moving on – otherwise, you’ll keep being bound to the old
    • Denial, anger, sadness, acceptance (same sequence as for trauma)
    • If you don’t let go of the old, it will haunt you
    • Accepting, forgiving (if appropriate), finding an honorable closure, then moving on through a “rite of passage”
  • Closing remarks
    • Don’t confuse forgiveness & acceptance with forgetting
    • Hardest to accept & forgive yourself

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