Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Discovering Human Potenial - An Old/classic Video on Google

Inspirational Entertainment! Our Next Feature-Length Inspirational Movie is Here!!! Be entertained and inspired to know that humanity it transcending to a new consciousness. Experience the shift now. If you saw The Secret and wanted more substance and spirituality, then you are going to love this movie with extraordinary world leaders like… – Stephen Covey, best-selling author 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Spiritual & Political Leader of The Tibetan People – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Brand, Entrepreneur, 245th richest person in the world – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African Activist, opposed to apartheid – Jack Canfield, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul – T. Harv Eker, creator, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind – John Assaraf, star in The Secret, best-selling author and entrepreneur – Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist – Byron Katie, Author, Speaker – Wayne Muller, best-selling author, Legacy of the Heart – Marci Shimoff, star in The Secret, best-selling author, Happy for No Reason – Sir John Templeton, Billionaire, Investor & Philanthropist – Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, Spiritual Leader & Corporate Mentor – Gabrielle Roth, Musician, Dancer & Philosopher – Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method – Richard Carlson, best-selling author, Dont Sweat the Small Stuff – Janet Attwood, best-selling author, The Passion Test – Sam Keen, Author, Professor, Philosopher And that’s just the beginning.

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