Sunday, November 2, 2008

#58 The Different Kinds of Change - Structural and Cyclical

Change can mean:

  • The process of becoming different
  • The act or process of changing

(from Wikipedia)

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

  • Examples of structural and cyclical changes
  • Defining cyclical and structural change
  • Why this distinction is important
    • One you can undo, and re-do again and again, the other – if you missed the boat, it’s gone.
    • In business, fortunes are made (and lost) on correctly (or incorrectly) predicting structural changes.
    • All structural change leaves behind damage
    • Russian revolution of 1917 – a structural change that was a step back (from the Adaptive Intelligences perspective)
    • American Revolution of 1776 – a structural change that is a step forward
    • Personal growth – will the change stick? From the perspective of the neurological levels – on the lower levels, change is often cyclical (behavior), but higher up (values, identity, spiritual) it is often structural and thus, permanent
  • Calibrating what change it is
    • Look for markers. In Business – where boundaries are dissolved or disrupted, it’s likely a structural change.
    • Relationships – same event can be either cyclical or structural, depending on the particular context, and with experience, you usually know pretty well which one is which in a particular relationship
    • Personal growth – first, by the neurological levels
  • Dealing with change
    • Business – missing the change vs. riding the change.
    • Relationships – being responsible for your actions and knowing where to stop
    • Personal growth – embrace the structural change, be aware and either stack up or eliminate cyclical change, depending on whether you like it not
  • Initiating change
    • how to choose the right type of change and how to do it in business, relationships, and personal growth

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