Sunday, May 11, 2008

#34 Embodied Mythology Series 03: The Healing Theatre-2 with PaulRebillot

We are continuing our conversations with Paul Rebillot on the topic of the Healing Theatre – the combination of acting and drama, mythology, gestalt therapy, and rituals. For more information about Paul and his work, please visit his website – Direct Impact Creativity.

In this segment, Paul touches upon some of the most important, most immediate, yet perhaps the deepest and most impactufl aspects of mythological and ritual transformations.

  • Knowing your true call, and the many places it can come from
    • Inside, outside, from God, and even from… behind
  • Levels of resistance (to the true call)
    • World around you
    • Yourself – the “demon of resistance”
    • The Supreme Ordeal
  • A Question of Life and Death (what happens if you refuse your call?)
    • “All of life is the rehearsal for the next moment”
    • Integration of the daemon (the fear) and the hero (the call)
  • Peeling off the Masks
    • Playing a role and forgetting myself, and how to return to my true self
    • Healing – learn to do nothing, and just be present.
  • Coming to closure
    • Your call – and other people
    • Owning the sense of self-responsibility.
    • Saving the World – one person at a time
  • The “Mini-Schizophrenic episode”
    • Original thought that shatters the old forms
  • The Loss of the Ritual
    • Transformation without structure is madness

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