Sunday, April 6, 2008

#29 Language Series 01 - an Overview

  • Language and NLP
    • NLP – is Neuro-Linguistic Programming – language is a key
    • Language is the habitat we live in, and learn. NLP is learning how to learn.
    • Comparison with “wolf children” – those who don’t have a language
  • Language is enfolded in us, and the context unfolds it out of us.
    • Language shapes and creates realities.
    • Ambiguity in words
    • Linguistic relationships that wouldn’t have existed without the language
    • What we think changes what we sort for, and the language is the tool that directionalizes the mind
    • How different languages shift the perceptions of reality
  • Pioneering work in Language
    • Alfred Korzibski – connection of language and neurology, language and environment.
      • The map is not the territory (distortion)
      • The map does not represent all of the territory (deletion)
      • Every map is self-reflexive (generalization)
    • Noam Chomsky – transformational grammar. Deep structure and surface structure.
    • NLP: The Meta-Model, the Milton Model, and the Sleight of Mouth
  • The structure of the following podcasts in the language series
    (total of 11 podcasts including this one)

    • Three main models, each in three podcasts (total of 9 podcasts):
      • Meta-model
      • Sleight of Mouth patterns
      • Milton model
    • For each model, we pick 3 different contexts, and apply each pattern in each of those contexts
    • The final podcast will tie all the models together

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