Sunday, March 30, 2008

#28 Perceptual Positions

Perceptual positions is a neuro-linguistic programming and psychology term denoting that a complex system may look very different, and different information will be available, depending how one looks at it and one’s point of view. (Wikipedia)

  • Defining perceptual positions
    • Different points of view
    • Points of reference, different perspectives, way of shifting your outlook, thus changing your experience and understanding of the event
    • The more perspectives you master, the more objective your view of reality becomes
  • Four different perceptual positions – more detailed definitions
  • Give 3 different frames:
    • Martial arts
    • Relationships
    • Coaching
  • Uses of the perceptual positions in NLP: conflict resolution technique
  • Expand the frame of perceptual positions
    • – Finding your element, and your life story. Parallels Colin Wilson’s idea of dual consciousness: worm’s eye view and bird’s eye view
    • Perceptual positions as roles: Walt Disney creativity strategy
    • “Board of directors” for your life
  • Fun games to develop your skills in perceptual positions
    • Shadow walk exercise
    • Any contact sport

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