Sunday, March 16, 2008

#26 Advanced Anchoring

This episode assumes familiarity with the basic ideas of anchoring. For the initial introduction, please first listen to the earlier podcast on anchoring (episode #6).

In this podcast, we cover the following advanced anchoring topics:

  • Sliding anchors and their uses
    • Increasing or decreasing an anchored state
    • Creating “emotional cocktails”
    • The Circle of Excellence technique
    • Auditory sliding anchors in dancing
    • Public speaking
  • Stacking anchors
    • Circle of excellence: putting different states into the same place (anchor)
    • Stacking anchors at a family dinner table
    • Stacking anchors in a business setting
  • Chaining anchors
    • Typically for transitions between very different states, breaking it up into smaller steps
    • Setting up one state to be the anchor for triggering the next
    • Examples:
      • Confusion to clarity
      • Loss of a loved one – from denial to acceptance
      • Denial of knowledge – from frustration to curiousity and commitment / learning state
  • Spatial anchors
    • Martial art forms
    • Arguments in relationships
    • Addressing groups
    • Dictionary of anchors
  • Borrowing, or stealing anchors
  • Weaving it all together

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