Sunday, February 3, 2008

#20 Adaptive Intelligences, Part 4 - Clare Graves model & NLP

In this issue, we explore how the model of Adaptive Intelligencies melds with concepts and techniques of NLP, and how both models enrich each other when used in combination.

We took a number of well-known NLP concepts and structured our conversation around those – how they can be used, or how they are enhanced by, the levels of intelligencies, the Clare Graves model of Bio-Psycho-Social System of Human Development. The NLP concepts we touched in this manner are:

  • Rapport and calibration: how to calibrate various levels, and build rapport with the person at a certain level
  • Positional perspectives – ability and willinness to do it at different levels, and number of distinctions people can make
  • Somatics, body movements and postures at different levels of intelligencies
  • How the language changes with each level
    • Milton model – first appears in Purple and continues into Red
    • Meta-model – comes in at Blue (to understand the details of the rules), and really develop in Orange, where precision is important
    • SOM comes up in Green, reframing perspectives
    • From “digital” to “analog” system
  • Metaphors
  • Family structures, relationships
  • Space and architecture
  • Health
  • Metaprograms
    • Internal – External; lust for power – surrender to love
    • Attention filters – things, people, information
    • Thinking styles – Top-down / Bottom-up
    • Pre-consciousness, personal consciousness, transpersonal consciousness
  • Time
    • Where past, present and future appear, and the abisity to use and influence it appears
  • Learning styles

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