Sunday, December 9, 2007

#15 From Fear to Excellence

  • Defining emotional states and goals
    • States – precursors of the life you’re living and the life you’re meant to live
    • Have a clear goal
    • Need both to achieve success
  • Specific NLP techniques
    • Circle of excellence
    • Time line: creating a compelling future
    • Using poetry and martial arts in combination: being in a state where everything is possible
  • Why some people fail to achieve their goals?
    • The two most important questions that must be asked in the correct order
    • The lack of connection between the big goal and the daily routine
    • Three things:
      1. You need to want to have a dream
      2. You have to know how to set goals and dream – it has a structure
      3. Follow your dream
  • How to set and achieve goals?
    • Now starting and end points
    • S.M.A.R.T goals
    • Time line way
    • The way of adventure
  • Personal examples
    • Programming a large system
    • Focusing on the inside
    • Walking your path

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